The Travel Planning Process


Travel experiences are created for clients using an extensive network of supplier partners around the world and Brownell's "Discover More" collaborative experience. The "Discover More" experience is for clients who understand that travel is more than merely taking a trip. The process starts by getting to know you and uncovering your vision of the perfect trip.  


Next, the perfect trip will be designed for you. Typically these experiences include air travel, transfers and tours, hotels, resorts, travel protection, and suggestions for restaurant and excursions.

Through affiliations with Brownell, the oldest and most prestigious agency in North America, and Brownell's membership in Virtuoso (the travel industry’s most prestigious, by-invitation-only association of upscale travel companies), you will be granted many unique benefits such as special discount pricing, exclusive offers not available to the general public or on the internet, upgrades and special amenities at various hotels and resorts, various free shore excursions and private cocktail parties on some cruises, plus many special services and “back door” private sightseeing options. 


As your itinerary comes together, you will be kept informed and all of your concerns will be tended to. I'll connect with you and join you in the anticipation of your upcoming trip.


Once the experience around the trip has been created, and you are on your way, you will checked in on to ensure everything is going as planned. You will have an advocate while you're away, remaining in contact with you, tending to any bumps in the road, while you enjoy your travel experience. 


And lastly, when you return, I will look forward to hearing about your experience while you share. By re-living the enjoyment of your experience and sharing of your experience, you are both putting yourself back in those exquisite moments of happiness and planting the seeds for your next adventure.

Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves.
— Euripides